Sacramento City Council Switches Land in Swap for Arena Deal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Sacramentans will soon be able to interact with their city about the environmental impact report that’s been done on the proposed new arena for the Kings arena.

The city has been very much behind the project to this point,  but Tuesday night there was some disagreement about the baby steps.

“That land swap between Haggin Oaks and that three parcels from the city. For that reason, I can’t support the item,” District 7 Councilman Darrell Fong said.

With no elaboration, that’s how Fong became the one voting voice opposed to a land swap deal tied to the arena project’s term sheet.

Most everyone else involved has described the swap like District Two Councilman Allen Warren did during Sacramento’s Tuesday agenda meeting.

“It helps us simplify the deal. It helps us move forward into the future,” Warren said.

With an up-vote on it’s albeit non-binding arena term sheet, Sacramento’s re-organized it’s holdings – now getting the land under the arena, a step with which Fong agreed.

The retention of Haggin Oaks Golf Course and release of spots on 10th, H and K streets  to the team ownership group is the other half of the deal.

Plans to help the Kings concentrate development efforts around the team’s possible new throne at Downtown Plaza are ongoing.

Also in process – a petition verification process that might  undo the whole thing.

But the 15,000 signed withdrawals from a petition that could force a public vote on the project could change more than Sacramento’s skyline.

“The rule of thumb in politics is if you can defeat something, do it the easiest, cheapest way possible,” said Gary Dietrich, FOX40’s political expert.

If the withdrawal effort  works in Sacramento, some think it may reshape state politics – giving life to a  seldom-used tactic.

Interesting yes, but FOX40’s Dietrich doesn’t see a withdrawal win reaching that scale.

“This is a local effort which makes it a lot easier to do than if you try to take a statewide proposition away from Californians,” he said.

The planned public workshop on environmental impact report that’s been done on the proposed arena will start Wednesday evening at 6pm at city hall.

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