Sacramento “Grinch” Slashes Dozens of Tires

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Neighbors around Hayfield Circle in South Sacramento got a terrible Christmas surprise when they discovered dozens had tires slashed by a vandal early in the morning.

Jacqueline Anguiano had two of her tires slashed.

“Everyone around the corner here had theirs slashed …they said about 50 or 60 cars got slashed,” said Anguiano.

Danny Figueroa was in his living room around 1 a.m. when he heard two loud bangs and saw a man with curly hair and a long coat between two of his cars.

“I put my shoes on and came out here and I hear hissing, and that’s when I knew they got me,” said Figueroa.

The shadowy figure was running down the block by the time he was seen.

Automotive stores were closed, insurance deductibles had to be paid and many residents found themselves without transportation on Christmas Day, among other inconveniences.

“I just bought these ties last month, oh yeah (it is frustrating),” said Chao Vang, whose daughter’s car was vandalized.

Some felt pity for someone who could ruin Christmas for so many people.

“There is a scrooge. Obviously, he wanted to ruin everybody’s Christmas spirit… I feel for him,” said Patrick Sy, a Vacaville resident who was visiting a relative when his tire was cut.

The owner of a Mercedez sedan will get a rude welcome when they come back from vacation.  All four of his tires were slashed. That oddly made Dave Brewer, who lives two doors down, feel a little lucky.

“I just got a good Christmas present, you know they skipped me for some reason,” said Brewer.

Chao Vang was a little lucky too.  He had another car that survived the slashing rampage, when the sharp object used by the vandal couldn’t cut through one of the tires, leaving only a mark on the sidewall and wheel.  Still that doesn’t change his view of the vandal.

“I would say he is ‘Grinch of Christmas’,” said Vang.

Police were short-handed Wednesday, but told residents that they will begin investigating Thursday.

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