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Drought Offers Chance to Educate Gardeners About Effective Watering

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In the midst of what some scientists are calling a 13-year drought, many cities in and around Sacramento are asking people and businesses to conserve water, which can be a pain for those who like their plants and lawn to stay well-hydrated.

“We live in a Mediterranean Climate, these types of dry times happen,” says Greg Gayton with Green Acres Nursery and Supply.

Gayton has been in the plant business for nearly 30 years and says that when it comes to watering, regardless of water availability, too much is always no good.

“Most of the plants returned (to us) are because of over watering, it’s actually easier to bring a plant back if it has been under-watered than if over-watered, times like this are a great way for us to educate people about their plants,” says Gayton.

Aerating is also key for keeping lawns in peak condition, according to Gayton, who says it works year round regardless of heat or amount of water needed.

“It really gets to the roots and keeps away fungus, great for a drought or during the heat of summer,” he says.

Roseville became the latest Sacramento area city to ask its residents to conserve water on Thursday.

Folsom Lake, which supplies some of the area’s water is at a record low level, the result of a dry winter a year ago that has continued this winter.

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