Mira Sorvino Speaks at Bayside Church on Human Trafficking Documentary

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She’s no stranger to the fight against human trafficking. Now, Academy Award winning actress Mira Sorvino is taking her fight to the streets of Cambodia.

In June, the actress teamed with CNN International to film “Freedom Project: Everyday in Cambodia” – a documentary that follows young girls once sold into slavery.

“Being a mom of four kids, you can not stand it. You look at these kids and you know what they are suffering at the hands of adults who know very clearly what they are doing,” said Sorvino.

“Sitting with these little girls who have just been through hell and back, and hearing their stories and knowing what they went through, I cannot imagine the trauma,” said CNN International Producer Lisa Cohen.

On Saturday, the film was shown at Bayside Church for the first time in the US.

The film also highlights the work of Don Brewster and his organization Agape International Missions. The organization is headquartered in Sacramento and is dedicated to feeding, sheltering and rehabilitating young women sold into slavery.

“Hopefully people watching this documentary will be woken up the same way my eyes were the first time I spoke to a survivor,” said Sorvino.

Sorvino’s passion for raising awareness about human trafficking started at an early age.

In 2004, she teamed with Amnesty International and was appointed by the United Nations as an Ambassador of Goodwill 2009 to combat human trafficking.

Today she continues her efforts by promoting education and raising awareness.

“I am all about not just activism that raises awareness but it has to create some kind of action because otherwise it is just our voices lost in the wilderness.”

Click on the link below to view Sorvino’s blog on human sex trafficking in Cambodia-


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