Professional Panhandling: Some Accuse Others of Scamming

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Two parents were busted in Modesto for using their children, ages 5 and 7, to garner money from unsuspecting motorists Thursday.

“I never thought I’d be out here doing this,” panhandler Dustin Rae said.

Rae, 26, has called Howe and Fair Oaks Boulevard home for 183 days. He says life forced him on the streets and panhandling is how he survives.

“I get anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on now many hours you stand out here,” he said.

Rae says not all panhandlers are sincere.

“There’s older dudes that drive away in Mercedes. There’s a lot of people who are scamming people,” he told FOX40.

The Sacramento family caught in Modesto made more than $360 in two hours. On them, police also confiscated money wiring receipts that totaled $3,700. The family said they were sending the money to relatives in Romania.

From Stanislaus County to Sacramento County, scammers are at busy intersections working the streets.

Scott McCartney, with Rancho Cordova Police, says the con-artists keep coming back.

“Families are doing it using their kids and getting in their cars and going back to where they live,” McCartney said.

For Rae, he says he’s being honest and hopes he gets employment before it’s too late.

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1 Comment

  • Natoscreamer

    I swore that this activity is illegal, why are these people standing around with there signs (I feel so ashamed having people visit Sacramento and see this crap) and I see a cop car busy talking to another cop car and doing nothing. This is illegal activity and it needs to stop. Your a distraction to drivers and honestly when Im trying to get myself motivated on my way to work (yes, work) I dont want to see you approching my car with your no job having sign. Why is it that laws are allowed to be broken?

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