100+ Gather on Banks of Dry Folsom Lake to Pray for Rain

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


More than 100 people with the Muslim Community of Folsom showed up to the east side of Folsom Lake Saturday to pray for rain.

“Some people just look at it as ‘oh you’re praying for rain’, but it’s so important,” Basma Marmosh said. During prayer, it started to rain lightly.

The light sprinkles are likely not enough to put an end to the drought, according to the San Juan Water District.

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  • lacounty4twenty

    More than 100 idiots who REALLY believe praying is going to bring rain. Absurd. It's the weather, so NO ONE can do anything about it if it rains or not.

  • Talha

    Praying to the Creator of everything including the weather is not idiocy. Indeed it is the most natural straightforward thing to do. Allah gave us intelligent brains so He created everything to work by laws, otherwise we wouldn’t understand it. But still when we figured out the laws and how things work, our minds should tell us more about the One who put these laws in place.

  • avramcohen

    The new dam being built off Folsom Crossing @ Folsom Lake markets itself to help regulate flood control in Sacramento and that is a bunch of BULL, our Folsom Lake is being drained at night(currently) to send water to the central valley and LA while our economy is and will be destroyed(summer boating, fishing industries etc) while we in our area have to endure water rationing is so wrong! This is our water and our economy and we should be fighting to keep it here and not sending to LA! The largest lake west of the Great Lakes, Tulare Lake 60 by 30 miles is GONE, thanks to the farmers of the central valley, what’s next, our Folsom Lake!???????

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