That Seahawks Ticket Ban – Is it Legal?

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seahawks websiteSACRAMENTO-

Who wouldn’t want a fan-fueled frenzy energizing the stands of their stadium?

The short answer these days is – Seattle – with the Seahawks’ web block on NFC championship ticket sales to folks who live in the Golden state.

“That’s ridiculous! Why are they doing that?  I mean the 49ers are still going to win. What’s the point?” Niner fan and Sacramento resident Jay Rhone said.

Some fans even think the practice is illegal.

Not really, according to Associate Dean Vikram Amar at the U.C. Davis School of Law.

“Unfair and illegal are often different things, unfortunately,” he said. “You can’t discriminate against people on the basis of race or sex or sexual orientation or religion, but geography is not a prohibited basis on any statue that regulates discrimination.”

And even if the 300 million public dollars that helped build CenturyLink Field have you thinking of the Seattle team as a quasi-governmental or public entity – there’s no legal leg to stand on there, either.

“Generally speaking governments can discriminate on the basis of geography when they’re acting as consumers or sellers rather than government regulators,” he said.

So the Niner nation just has to take it in stride, or buy tickets from third-party vendors like StubHub.

San Francisco takes on the Seahawks in the NFC championship game Sunday, Jan. 19 on FOX40. The game starts at 3:30 p.m.

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1 Comment

  • bnme209

    Say to say…but frisco fans..(some)..brought it on themselves. Fights, ignorance, and no self control should get you banned…the pros that are getting paid millions dont act the way.some of the fans do….ijs

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