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Fisherman Hurt by Receding Water Levels

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The Sailor Bar are along the American River was crawling with fly fisherman, all lined up trying to catch a fish Monday, but areas like Sailor Bar are becoming harder and harder to find.

“Just finding a place to fish, you can’t. You get out there, with such minimal water, finding a place is the hardest thing,” Danny Lloyd, with the Fish Sniffer Magazine, told FOX40.

Then, once you find a place, it’s usually over run with every fisherman in the area.

“Definitely, I see it bring out a negative attitude in a lot of people. [It’s] more competitive,” Lloyd said.

Some fishing guides have even stopped working because parts of the American River are so dry, boats have to be carried 200 yards to where the water begins again, all along possibly hurting Salmon eggs.

“Spawning beds, where the fish are raised, [are] in the shallow water, in the gravel,” Lloyd said. “But now, with the low water, it’s even worse. People walking across trying to find a spot. They are stepping on salmon fry.”

It’s not just bad on the rivers, it’s also bad for those who fish in places like Folsom Lake.

James Netzel, with Fishin’ James Guide Service, was out Monday to find new fishing spots because his old ones come with problems.

“I was trolling and these trees are usually 150 feet under water are now about 50 feet under water. I forgot about that and we just hung up on one of them,” Netzel said.

Netzel says the water temperature on Folsom is also affecting the biting of the fish. Fish don’t seem very keen on warmer water.

“It makes the fish real lethargic and it makes them not want to bite,” he said.

Netzel says he spends a lot of time finding new areas to safely fish. One thing amateur fisherman can do to survive the drought is hire a guide to show where the fish are and how to safely fish for them without destroying breeding grounds.

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