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Jelly Belly Unveils Beer-Flavored Jelly Bean

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
beer belly

Image of Jelly Belly’s “Draft Beer” flavor courtesy: Jelly Belly


Jelly Belly unveiled one of its latest flavors this weekend – beer.

The Fairfield-based candy giant says a beer bean has been sought after by fans for years, so Jelly Belly decided to deliver.

Three years went into finding the right flavor for Draft Beer, according to development manager Ambrose Lee.

Since there are as many styles of beer as there are Jelly Belly candies, the company had to decide what flavor to tackle. Rather than a stout or a lager or an IPA or pilsner, a Hefeweizen flavor was chosen.

Jelly Belly says the chosen flavor is meant as an homage to beer’s German ancestry.

But the Draft Beer flavor isn’t all that Jelly Belly has on, uh, tap, but they plan to add a little sweetness to their spicy Tobasco flavored bean with chocolate, according to Time Magazine.

The beer beans are available now through Jelly Belly’s website and will be in stores later this year. The company did not say when the chocolate-covered Tobasco flavor would be available.

Beer, for many, is an acquired taste but at least it’s not boogers or vomit.

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  • kat

    I would not mind my child trying the beer flavored jelly bean because Jelly Belly already has jelly belly’s named after alcoholic beverages such as Margarita, piƱa colada, and strawberry daiquiri.

  • GeneralTsao

    "Rather than a stout or a lager or an IPA or pilsner, a Hefeweizen flavor was chosen"

    A Hefe was chosen (I am guessing) because they couldn't get close to any other flavor of beer,Hefeweizens have a big banana aroma,which is often equated to flavor.

    I think what they could have called it a banana bread jelly been without any problem as well.

  • Juan

    What took y’all so long, I’ve been eating Mexican candy with booz in it since I was a kid they’re called borrachitos meaning little drunk