Police: Scammers Selling Wood, Tiles as iPads and TVs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One of the items scammers tried to pass off as a iPad. (Courtesy: Ceres Police)


Police in Ceres are asking residents to be extra careful when buying high-price electronics after numerous frauds have been reported.

According to a release, the Ceres Police Department has been fielding numerous calls about people being scammed into buying Apple products that, on the surface, look legitimate. But, after the victim pays and walks away, they find that their shiny new toy is really just a piece of wood or tile with the Apple logo pasted on.

In photos provided by Ceres Police, the fake items are packaged in bubble wrap that makes the iPad look new. Fake TVs are also another item scammers have wrapped up and sold to unsuspecting victims.

Ceres Police ask anyone who has been hit by scammers selling fake items to call them at (209) 538-5712.

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1 Comment

  • alexandra

    My cousin and I also got scamed with fake mac book pro’s in Sacramento at the super walmart on florin in south Sacramento the black male pulled up on us and asked us if we wanted to buy a mac book he showed us the product and it look like a real mac book weigh like one also and it was rapped in bubble rap but when we got home we opend them too find out it was a tile rapped around in black tape and silver paper with the apple logal that looked like it was printed this happed about a year ago maybe two. I just hope this man is found and hopefully people don’t buy things from the streets. I learnd my leason never again

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