School Districts Applaud Brown’s Revamped Education Spending Plan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A year after protests over the money that didn’t exist to keep some schools open in the City of Sacramento, it and other districts are celebrating promises in the governor’s State of the State address signaling they’ll have an easier time using the extra $10 billion he’s offering.

“Because all the pockets or buckets of money had certain requirements, I was not allowed to do what I needed to do, ” Sacramento City Unified School District’s interim Superintendent Sara Noguchi said.

That’s the kind of problem Noguchi hopes to leave behind as money in the new local control funding formula is allocated.

“That’s not going to come all at once and we do still have costs that continue to rise and enrollment that continues to decline,” district spokesperson Gabe Ross said.

Sac City Unified is down about 800 students this year.

District meetings like the one held Wednesday night are now underway to help determine how newly unrestricted funds should be spent.

“We don’t have enough space for trainings for staff to have meetings,” parent Nia Oriyavong said.

“At home I make sure we have computers in every room and then at school she doesn’t get that opportunity,”  district mom Danny Anders said.

She got so upset at what she sees happen to the district’s special needs students she stormed out of the meeting.

Others critical of the district’s money handling during the 2013 closures are watching closely – again.

“Moving forward we want to make sure the district is transparent and the funding isn’t Diluted,” Trong Thao, with Hmong Innovating Politics, said.

There will be several more meetings in Sacramento to develop the district’s local control accountability plan.

It all has to be hammered out by budget time in June.

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