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Landscape Options During a Drought, Get Cash for Grass

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Some homeowners are choosing to landscape without grass to save on long-term water costs.


In his three years of business, Jason Miller has seen a 500% increase each year when it comes to customers wanting synthetic turf installed outside of their homes. But the recent drought declaration by Governor Jerry Brown has spurred a business boom like never before.

“We are booked for the next month or so,” said Miller.

His company, Millers Synthetic Turf and Putting Greens, charges about $10 per square foot, which by no means is cheap, however, he says most clients will make their money back by saving on watering, fertilizer, and maintenance after the first five years.

“People want to save money on watering, but the recent drought has many thinking about just saving water in general,” he says.

For those living in Roseville there is another option the city has actually been offering for a while.

The “Cash for Grass” program offers homeowners $1-per-square-foot, up to $1,000 dollars total, to get rid of their grass for a more water efficient landscape.

“We’ve been doing this since 2008, but it’s more popular than ever,” says Lisa Brown with the City of Roseville.

Brown wants people to know the city must first assess your lawn area before any reimbursement can take place.

For more information on Millers Synthetic Turf please click

For details on the City of Roseville’s program go to

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