Two High School Teachers Arrested after Fight at Crab Feed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Two Manteca High School teachers are in some hot water after a fight at a crab feed.

“They’re saying he got intoxicated and just punched her for no reason, but you know, there’s obviously a story there,” Manteca High School student and junior varsity football player Carlos Molinarez said.

Sean Hogan, 38, and Joshua Farris, 31, are coaches on Manteca High School’s Junior Varsity football team.

On Jan. 25, police were called out to the Manteca Social Hall, where the 44th Annual Crab Feed Dinner Dance for the Nile Garden Community Club was taking place. The event was a fundraiser for Nile Garden Elementary School.

Manteca Police told FOX40 News when they arrived, Farris was holding Hogan back, trying to get him away from security. Farris was arrested for public intoxication and released when sober. Hogan was arrested and booked on simple battery.

Witnesses told police the fight started when Hogan sat on a 54-year-old woman’s bag of food. Hogan tried to put his arm around the woman and apologize, police say, but the woman pushed him away.

Witnesses told police the woman’s 63-year-old husband got involved after Hogan called her a derogatory name.

Police said a scuffle ensued and Hogan assaulted the man. The woman reportedly tried to intervene, throwing her cell pone at Hogan. That’s when witnesses say Hogan punched the woman in the face.

“Well it’s true, I guess, but I don’t think it should define him, you know, as what kind of person he is. He was obviously intoxicated which had a major factor,” Molinarez said.

The Manteca Unified School District would not talk to us on camera, but Superindentent Clark Burke did send us a written statement about the incident:

“In general, pending the results of a police investigation and consequent district notification for misdemeanor charges brought against any district employees for a similar situation, the district would conduct an investigation to determine if any such unlawful action was performed while serving in the capacity of their employment. In turn, the district would need to determine if any such unlawful action was in violation of that employment or if the employees were negligent with their professional responsibilities. None of which has yet to occur in this situation. In any case, the district’s first concern is for the safety of its students, its employees, and the safety of the community at large. As a member of the community, the district wants to support and encourage healthy and safe community activities.”

Nicole Comstock filed this report.

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  • claire

    This isn’t the first or last tme MUSD tries to cover things up. A few years back a special education aide melanie cortez killed herself after being found out, having a sexual relationship with a special education student. Gang issues are never addressed at MHS, and students date teachers weeks afer they graduate. MUSD Is corrupt and needs to be investigated.

  • Amanda

    MUSD isn’t trying to cover anything up. This is a non-story that is being made into a story. Some adults had a few too many drinks and there was an altercation. This happens all the time. Not sure why this story is being singled out

  • marj413

    Sounds like he should have had a little less to drink and it sounds like the lady should have just accepted his apology. Her geriatric husband trying to play hero is what caused everything to get physical (at least according to the witnesses).

  • Brandy

    That and a security guard who decided to get involved and throw punches himself instead of breaking up the fight like he was paid to do

  • MattGMD

    Yo Carlos, I hear you man. What you mean by 'there are two sides' is.. "yeah, he allegedly hit her, but she probably provoked him and made him hit her" LoL

  • 2silly

    Why should she have to accept an apology from a drunk trying to hug her? In fact, why are you blaming the victims instead of the jackass that is truly to blame?

  • marj413

    I get it, sometimes drunk people can be a little too touchy feely, but it was a hug and an apology. Now if he were sexually molesting her that is different. Sometimes you can just as easily diffuse the situation as you can make it worse by being a twat. Accept the apology, move on with your life. It isn't victim blaming but she certainly has at least SOME culpability.

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