Embattled Twin Rivers Board Member Reappears for District Meeting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


If Cortez Quinn skipped Tuesday night’s meeting, he would have lost his seat on the Twin Rivers Board of Trustees. Instead, he showed up early.

The Area 5 trustee did not answer questions as he walked into his first board meeting since November, the first one since the end of his 90 day leave of absence.  He took the leave after he was arrested on several charges that accuse him of taking illegal loans and faking a paternity test.

cortez quinn

Twin Rivers Trustee Cortez Quinn walks into the Feb. 4 board meeting.

His case is still making its way through the courts and he has not been convicted of anything.

And during a break in this meeting, he broke his silence with reporters.

“I plan to continue to serve,” Quinn said. “And that’s all I’ll say.”

He did answer one follow up question about the resolution board members recently passed asking for his resignation.

“My colleagues, whether they support me or not, I’m here representing the people of Area 5. And I look forward to continuing that service,” he said.

Board President Rebecca Sandoval addressed the issue for the media with a prepared statement saying there is no place in the district more important than the classrooms.

“And this board is firmly committed to ensuring that every student at every grade level is on track to graduate college and career ready. That is our focus. Nothing will distract us from that mission,” she said.

The issue of Quinn’s status on the board was not on the agenda for this meeting.

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  • LivingRealLife

    Let's make this clear. The loans were NOT district funds. An employee agreed to make him personal loans from personal monies not district funds, that is where the legality comes to play. Doesn't make it right or better but it should be made clear. The money he received was not taken from TRUSD classrooms.

    And if we really want to look at this. What has he done that politicians in Washington have not done??? Granted we all hope to set an example, but what has he really done besides making poor personal choices. Mr. Quinn is dedicated to the students. If you remember prior board meetings, many times, he was the only board member who would get up from his chair, stand in front, greet the students and shake their hand. He makes a difference in students lives. I hope when this is said and done, he will be able to get back to the business of serving the students' best interest.

  • FHS teacher and parent

    Trustee Quinn please, I beg you, resign from your seat. I am a teacher, parent and resident of Foothill Farms. and your refusal to resign has been difficult and damaging for me, my family and the pride and esteem of FHS and the TRUSD community. Far too often people I encounter from all over Sacramento ask about you whenever they find out I’m associated with TRUSD. It’s worst when they know or discover I’m a teacher. Assuming I know something they probe me for all the details about you and all the things you are accused of doing. No longer are people interested in my work and I don’t get to talk about whatever positive things are happening at my school or in the district. Now, it’s all about you and I feel shamed and humiliated, even though I have nothing to do with you. It’s as if people have decided once and for all that TRUSD is a hopeless joke and your stubborn refusal to step down, innocent or guilty, only adds to punchline. People are amazed that such drama is happening in our school board and surprised that anyone would hold onto the seat so tightly as if it were a state or federal legislative position. They often double take saying “wait, this is your school board?” and then sympathize that I (obviously) live in such bad place. I’ve had people compare us to Detroit and it’s infamously dysfunctional school board more than a few times.

    If you care about us, our students and our community please go. I respect your desire to serve the community, even if you have done what you are accused of doing. People make mistakes and some make a lot. But the only way you can serve us now is to leave so that we can finally, by the grace of God, begin to heal this open wound. Any other choice at this point cannot be seen as anything but extreme self-interest and your statements about care and service sound like flat out lies. Resigning with a genuine apology and admission of whatever you’ve done is the only way you will ever be forgiven by this community, much less serve or work anywhere that has internet access.

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this. And with the way you always go silent when accused (as I would expect a guilty person would do, not an innocent man) I’m sure you wouldn’t respond. But I need to say that if you continue to refuse to spare us this indignity I can only assume that all you are accused of doing must be true. And if that true, I intuitively know you’ve done so much more for which you haven’t been caught. Your criticism of the prior board, administration and all the people who were “out to get you” must have been justified. And for that, and to those who still support you in spite of your revealing, 12 years in prison and complete financial ruin are your just deserts. I pray it’s not the case, because the alternate truth is so very, very tragic and disappointing for all of us.

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