As Winter Weather Returns, So Does Danger

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The beginning of the most sustained wintry blast northern California’s seen in 2014 was marred by tragedy Thursday.

A deadly crash happened on Interstate 80 in Soda Springs as a person and a car collided on roads made slick by snow and rain.

Drivers throughout the area often had their line of sight obstructed by fog.

“I’m traveling from Grover Beach to get to Truckee on Amtrak and the bus got sent down the hill just about a half hour ago,” said Will, who only wanted to share his first name.

He got off at Nyack when his Amtrak bus got turned around because of the crash and degrading conditions.

A new friend worked out a back road back-up plan.

“One of the ladies on the bus is arranging – hopefully – a ride from her friend in Truckee to get me up to Truckee so my sister can come from Incline Village to come get me,” he said.

By the looks of many of the normal hot spots headed up the mountain, not a lot of excitement leading into a warm storm that could wash away what little snow has fallen with high rain.

Some truckers were temporarily stopped by that Soda Springs crash but are grateful this mild winter has been nothing like what they normally endure.

“Sometimes we have to go around the canyon to get to Reno. It all depends if they shut down the road we have to stop for many hours. Last year we had to stop for like six, seven hours….(this year)  we’re getting a break,” said Cy Lara.

As as the truckers got back on the road, a break came for Will.

” Victory is mine. We’re getting there thanks to this guy,” he shouted out with a big smile as the ‘back-up’ plan appeared.

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