Murder Trial Could Change amid Questions Over Autopsy

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Anthony Jones could face the death penalty for the alleged rape and murder of 13-year old Genelle Conway-Allen, whose nude body was discovered in Fairfield’s Allan Witt Park last February.

But during a hearing this week – defense attorneys asked all charges be dropped, all because a private email that FOX40 obtained Tuesday that puts Conway-Allen’s autopsy into question.

The email is from Dr. Hogan, solely intended for prosecutor, shortly after Hogan conducted that autopsy.

She says, “just between you and me […]” the strangling may have happened accidentally during consensual sex.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Department confirms a second autopsy was performed on Conway-Allen, but didn’t say why.

Adding to frustrations: Hogan’s refusal to testify in several high profile homicide cases.

READ: Coroner’s Leaked Email Could Question 3 Dozen Cases

An email sent last month from the doctor to the District Attorney’s office reads

“I gave Solano County my best – and I was treated badly for five years and then fired. I am 60 years old and I need to get on with my life […]

“[…] Your office insisted I be available to testify twice while my father was in hospice. Then again once, 36 hours after he died. I just can’t cope with this. I have to cut my ties with Solano County to survive.”

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  • mysaints

    here we go. all hell is about to break loose. if she didn't like her job, she should have resigned long ago. she knew darn well that the county coroner routenly testifies in murder cases.