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Yuba City ‘Chicken Lady’ Makes Rescuing Birds Her Mission

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


For the past three years, Yuba City resident Angela Cook, also known as “the Chicken Lady,” has tried to rescue as many chickens as she can, but not everyone agrees they need to be rescued.

“They are out there eating garbage. They are getting run over by cars and some end up in people’s yards,” Cook said.

“Few times do you ever see them cross the road,” resident Joyce Pohle said.”You do not ever see them dead or laying across the highway.”

With the permission of businesses and property owners, Cook began rounding up the chickens and placing them in sanctuaries.

In three years, she says she has rescued 150 birds.

The birds have been apart of the town since the 1950’s, after a stock yard shut down. Since then, the intersection of Highway 99 near Bridge Street have been coined the chicken corridor.

“The guests recognize them. They know them. We have guests that actually bring feed for them,” Jennifer Rockenstein, General Manager of Carl’s Jr., told FOX40.

Cook, however, says the animals need more than a little feed here and there.

“I try to tell people they are chickens not sparrows. They need to be taken care of by humans,” Cook said.

That effort has outraged some locals who have even made death threats against cook, something she details in her book “Memoirs of The Chicken Lady.”

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