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Couple Arrested for Selling Invalid Disneyland Tickets

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Disneyland on a Budget

Disneyland, May 2013


A couple faces more than 40 counts for allegedly selling invalid Disneyland tickets to people around the state.

Ceres Police began investigating Jessica Melendez and Israel Vasquez in October. A victim said tickets she had purchased from Melendez turned out to be invalid when she got to Disneyland. The victim found the tickets for sale on Craigslist.

Police searched their own records and found in May 2013 they had investigated a similar matter of invalid tickets. Melendez and Vasquez were originally held on outstanding warrants as investigators dug deeper.

A search of their home uncovered 17 printed Disneyland tickets, in addition to other incriminating evidence.


Jessica Melendez and Israel Vasquez face charges in connection with invalid Disneyland tickets
Courtesy: Ceres Police

Detectives have identified at least eight more victims from around California who purchased invalid tickets from Melendez or Vasquez. So far, the total monetary loss by the victims is more than $20,000.

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With this additional victim information, the pair now face 41 criminal charges, including burglary, criminal threats, theft, and passing false tickets.

They were arrested on the new charges Wednesday night.

There is a possibility there are more victims. Investigators are asking anyone who has purchased tickets that turned out to be invalid from Melendez or Vasquez to call (209) 538-5616 or emailing: darren.venn@ci.ceres.ca.us. Tips can also be anonymously reported to the Stanislaus Area Crime Stoppers at:  1-866-60-CRIME, or text tips: “274637” TIP704 in the wording, or email  www.modestopolice.com/crimestoppers.

Disneyland has been contacted and investigators are trying to figure out how many invalid tickets were presented to the theme park.

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