Governor Brown Challengers Big Underdogs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Governor Jerry Brown’s  three Republican challengers will have a huge task in unseating an incumbent governor.

Moderate Republican Neel Kashkari was drumming up support at the Sacramento Press Club on Thursday.

It was an opportunity to get his views across without spending campaign funds.  He is trying to saddle Brown with the responsibility for high unemployment and poor school performance.

But Brown has a 58 percent voter approval rating.

State Senator Tim Donnelly is a darling of Tea Party activists, but his right-wing views have failed to fire up mainstream Republicans.  He lags in campaign donations and support.

Laguna Hills Mayor Andrew Blount recently announced his candidacy.  He has self-described Libertarian tendencies wish set him apart from the Republican mainstream.  The software engineer hopes to raise campaign funds and support with the help of web-based apps and strategies.

But political consultant Jeff Raimundo says Brown is so well-known and so popular that it will take tens of millions of dollars to unseat him.   Thus far he has not made any missteps that would create enough voter outrage to cause him to lose the election.

“When the incumbent is Jerry Brown, the only way to beat him is to spend more than he’s going to in this election,” Raimundo said.

Kashkari has been successful in raising around $900 thousand but Brown already has $17 million in his campaign war chest.

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