Family Pleads for Help in Finding Missing Musician

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Broughty Cole’s car turned up at the Sacramento Marina Saturday, almost a week after the the 28-year-old went missing.

“It’s really scary. We just we don’t know what to think right now. We’re trying not to jump to conclusions,” Broughty’s older sister, Jamaica Cole, said.

It’s been difficult for Jamaica not to jump to conclusions. Her younger brother’s car was found at the Miller Park boat launching parking lot, seemingly abandoned. Jamaica said he left all of his belongings in his car, except for his wallet, his cell phone and his keys.

“Our friend found his car yesterday, just on a hunch. Biked out here and found it,” Jamaica said.

broughtyJamaica organized a search party through Facebook. She says her family has received a huge outpouring of support. Complete strangers have showed up to help them fond Broughty.

“We filed a missing person’s report and we’ve been searching in earnest ever since,” said Jamaica.

Jamaica says police took her missing person report, but can’t do much else, because Broughty is an adult, and there have been no signs of foul play.

They do know that Broughty has come out to the Marina before, to walk on the trails.

“Friends of his have said that maybe he was bummed out recently, but nothing major,” said Jamaica.

They have nothing else to go on.

Broughty Cole played the drums for Lasher Keen. In photos of the band online, they are pictured wandering through a wooded area.

“I’m just hoping he’s okay and will wander back to us,” said Jamaica.

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