Downtown Plaza Stores Vacate to Make Room for New Arena

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


About two thirds of the Downtown Plaza is going to be demolished to make space for a new arena, and that means many stores that are currently there have to get out of their spaces.

“Everything must go” and “Store Closing Sale” signs are common on the east side of the mall.

While the deals are great for shoppers, the already slim occupancy rate at the Downtown Plaza is dropping even lower.

“We have been here almost ten years and all our business has been very (satisfactory) here,” said Murad Kabani has been running Zee Jewelers for the past decade.

While Zee Jewelers has locations in other malls, Kabani said this store was always a great place to work.

“It’s an open air mall, it’s a great location, great demographics. We have established clientele,” Kabani told FOX40.

After thirty years in its location, Golden 1 Credit Union will also be closing its Downtown Plaza branch, letting customers know Friday, April 25 is their last day, with displays on their ATMs and teller windows.

“But we have five branches in the downtown area to continue to provide convenient access to our members,” said Scott Ingram, Vice President of Public Relations for Golden 1.

Bank employees will be able to transfer to other branches, according to Ingram.

Meanwhile several different stores tell FOX40 anonymously that recent years have been tough, and the amount of foot traffic has slowed.

Still, most all store owners and employees agree the change will breathe new life into the area.

“Something better than what we have right now, I think it should be a positive change for downtown and the city of Sacramento,” Kabani said.

He believes that so much that he hopes to bring Zee Jewelers back to a retail space inside the Downtown Plaza once the new arena opens.

“Well we are hoping for it, but it depends on the landlord, it is what it is, but if possible we would like to be here,” Kabani said.

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