Modesto Police Bust Alleged I.D. Theft Ring

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Modesto Police say they have broken up an elaborate identity theft operation involving a married couple, but family says just husband Jeremy Lapachet is guilty.

Lapachet and his wife, Carol, are accused of making false identifications, manufacturing credit cards and stealing identities. Detectives had been investigating the couple since December.

The operation is said to have made the couple a lot of money.

“We’re still calculating, but it’s in the thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars so far,” Modesto Police spokesperson Michelle Graves said.

After arresting Jeremy Lapachet using one of those fake credit cards at a Khol’s store, detectives dug deeper.

id theft modesto suspects

Booking photos of Jeremy Lapachet (left) and Carol Lapachet (Courtesy: Modesto Police Department)

They served warrants at a hotel room he was living in, as well a home in Riverbank on Lenay Way, and found hundreds of credit cards, both real and fake, as well as credit card numbers and computer equipment.

All of it, police say, used so others could assume the identities of the hundreds of victims.

“So far, it seems to be the majority are in the local area,” Graves said.

At the home on Lenay Way, family of both husband and wife say Jeremy had a problem with drugs, and had been involved with credit card fraud in the past.

Both sides of the family say Carol Lapachet was not involved with his criminal activity, though something police disagree. Carol was arrested for her alleged knowledge of the operation.

“Modesto Police say they are looking for more victims in this crime. If you believe those suspects may have targeted you, they encourage you to give them a call.

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