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Video of Confrontation over Military Fatigues Goes Viral

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A heated confrontation on the Delta College campus in Stockton involving a man dressed like a member of the military has gone viral, receiving well-more than one million views on YouTube.

In the video, which was shot on March 10, two men are heard confronting a man who was wearing fatigues, accusing him of being a phony.

“So many people have fought and died in those uniforms, especially under the ranger tab,” said Kristopher Vieira, one of the men in the video heard confronting the guy in uniform. Vieira posted the clip, which was shot by one of his friends, to YouTube.

According to Vieira, the man was too young to have earned the many patches and tabs on his uniform, including the Ranger tab, an E8 military rank, a 101st Airborne Crest, and an EOD patch.

Vieira confronted the uniformed man a second time, after the video was shot, and was detained by campus police for disturbing the peace.  He is now on academic probation for that.  He said he would speak out again in the same situation, but with a slightly different approach.

“I mean, I regret how I took the situation at first, but I did what I did, and there’s no turning back now,” he told FOX40.

Vieira, who has received emails of support from around the world in response to the video, asks that military uniforms be respected “just like you respect the cops and their uniforms, and the firefighters in theirs.  You don’t want them to be out there in that uniform misrepresenting you.”

FOX40 attempted to locate the man in the uniform for his side of the story.

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