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NYU Filmmaker Uses Sacramento River as Movie’s Setting

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Goblins in Northern California! If you have seen mystical creatures with fancy make-up, dressed like cavemen running around the Delta, they are not crazy, they are actors.

NYU student and film director Nora Unkel flew 24 cast and crew members from New York to California to film her first major project, titled “The Goblin Song.”

“It is based off a 19th century poem which I read and was instantly enamored by,” Unkel told FOX40.

The 20 minute, Victorian era film follows the lives of two sisters tempted by male goblins.

The project is Unkel’s senior thesis.

Unkel, who is a Davis native, was allowed to use various properties across the Delta free of charge, a huge savings for the student who raised $20,000 for the film on her own.

“We could not be doing it if we were not here. Just an incredible amount of support that I have had from friends and family,” said Unkel

What better place to film than off the Sacramento River tucked under magical lights and gothic trees.

“And the sunrises with the sunsets everyday around here, it is incredible,” head producer Zachary Gobetz said.

In a matter of days, the crew will wrap up and head back to New York.

The entire project is scheduled to be completed by August.

Unkel hopes to enter the film in major festivals like the Sundance Film Festival.

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