Vallecito’s Moaning Caverns Popular with Thrill-Seeking Tourists

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moaning cavernsVALLECITO-

California’s largest cavern, big enough to fit the Statue of Liberty, is in Vallecito.

The drop in Moaning Cavern is 165 feet.

Rich with history, Moaning Cavern was once a famous site for gold miners in the 1850’s.

“When they came down you can actually see little areas where they were chiseling and trying to find their strike it rich mother load,” Moaning Cavern spokeswoman Heather Ginn.

After years of searching, however, miners gave up as the cavern never produced anything more than fools gold.

It later became a site for tourism.

“They started doing tours in the early 1920’s. They would lower people down with a bucket which was big enough for one or two people and a little candle,” Ginn said. “The running joke is, it cost 50 cents to go down and a dollar to come back up.”

Today, it costs a little more to go down, but at least folks are certain to  make it back up.

The cavern is fully equipped with lights and a spiral stair case for those not up for repelling.

Along with a rock climbing wall, tourists can also experience a 1,500-foot zip line across the mountains.

Located in Valecito, Moaning Cavern Park is one of three parks in gold country ran by Cave and Mine Adventures.

For more information call (866) 762-2837.

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