Man Claims He Was Shot after Checking Out Commotion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Sometimes, you can pay the price for doing the right thing.

For Tommy Brown, being discharged from the hospital on Thursday is only the next step in his recovery process.  Brown, 27, was shot in both legs Tuesday evening after he said he heard a scream outside his Sacramento apartment.

“I clearly heard some riff-raff,” Brown said. “If anything happens in my neighborhood, I at least want to see what I can do to help.”

But that nearly cost him his life.  Several young men had gathered, and when Brown arrived one person confronted him face-to-face.

“At that point he made a phone call to verify if I was a ‘snitch’ or not,” Brown said.  “After he got off the phone, that’s when opened fire.”

Brown was hit immediately in the leg, but his nightmare was far from over.

“As I was running, I could see bullets hitting the ground,” Brown said.

“I heard him yell he was hit, and to open the door,” said Brown’s wife, Taryn, who was inside their apartment at the time of the shooting.  “When he came in the door he was close to passing out.  There was so much blood. I couldn’t tell where he was bleeding from, I just saw it everywhere.”

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Office says they are still searching for the suspect.  For Tommy Brown and his family, they are still searching for answers.

“I’m fired up because he tried to take me away from my family,” Brown said.  “He’s still out doing whatever he wants to do.  I don’t know if the cops will ever catch him.”

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