Sheriff’s Department: 1 Deputy Killed, 1 Injured in Rancho Cordova

Truck Driver Safety Spotlighted after Orland Bus Crash

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The trip FedEx truck driver Tim Evans was taking, from Sacramento to Weed and back, was grueling, even before it ended in the gruesome Orland bus crash.

“This vehicle obviously crossed the center reservation. It happened to me a couple of years ago in extremely heavy weather where a large truck did exactly the same thing, funny enough in the same area,” truck driver Ged Nash said.

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He took the same drive on Interstate 5 through Orland, on a different day. In his case, seconds saved him from a similar head on collision.

“He came across the center reservation, just missed the front of me,” Nash said.

The truck driver frequently makes a long haul from San Francisco to Oregon. The route is a similar distance to the one FedEx truck driver Tim Evans was taking.

“My job is grueling. Very. Lack of sleep is a problem in this job. You sleep wonderful for two hours then you lie awake for eight,” Nash said.

The NTSB reports that it may take 3 to 6 months of investigation to get closer to the truth about what happened before Evan’s truck crossed the center divide. People aren’t waiting that long to speculate about what may have happened.

Did the driver have a heart attack behind the wheel? Was the truck on fire before the crash? Could a center median have prevented the fatal outcome?

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“Truck comes in, first thing we do is check the driver to see if they’re fatigued, if they’re possibly under the influence. Believe it or not, we do actually get truck drivers passing through who are under the influence,” said CHP officer Dale Hernandez.

Hernandez works at the new CHP Inspection Site along Interstate 80 in Cordelia. He said on average, they see one safety violation per truck passing through their location.

“The biggest thing we typically see are brake violations and of course with  an 80,000 pound truck that’s a very important factor,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez said on the route from Sacramento to Oregon, on Interstate 5, there are 2 inspection sites TIm Evans could have passed through.

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“Generally speaking, they’re allowed to drive 34 hours before they have to have a day off. During an individual day though, for an interstate driver, typically after they’ve driven 8 hours, they have to take a break,”

A 30 minute break for every 8 hours of drive time.

“It has to be after 2 hours from starting the shift and less than two hours before then end of the shift. I don’t think the DOT will be too pleased to hear this but, we eat our meals behind the wheel, which is technically a safety problem. Because you should be concentrating on the road not on your burgers and fries. That’s just a necessary evil, unfortunately,” said Nash.

Sunday, NTSB investigators said they found no tire marks on the road leading from the FedEx truck. They’re currently investigating what led up to the fiery Orland crash to determine the safety of the driver, his truck, and the road.

“This accident in Orland  proves emphatically that it is a necessity to put up bariers to prevent head on crashes,” said Nash.

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