Day 1 of Fix 50: Caltrans Communication Error, Carpooling Increase

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Sacramento’s ‘Carmageddon’ Schedule Refined

Caltrans made a minor mistake during the first day of the Fix 50 project, but are still expected to finish the project on-time.

Traffic dominated the news and drivers’ lives Tuesday after the much-awaited Fix 50 project started construction.

The day started off with extra traffic due to temporary lane lines being drawn incorrectly the night before, according to Dennis Keaton of Caltrans. This reduced traffic to one lane on the Pioneer Bridge in West Sacramento. Caltrans realized the problem at 6:30 a.m. and fixed the problem in 45 minutes. The mistake did not set back the progress of the entire project.

Traffic was clearly stressful throughout the morning, and a communication error set some drivers further behind schedule, but there were several drivers who took traffic off of the road by carpooling.

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Regional Transit reports that there was a 1,600 car increase in their park and ride lots around Sacramento. The Gold Line lot saw a 65 percent increase in cars, while the Blue Line lots near I-80 and in South Sacramento saw a 72 percent and a 55 percent increase, respectively.

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Traffic will continue to be worse than usual until the project finishes in late June. After completion, the new deck on the highway is expected to last twenty more years.

Greg Cotta filed this report.


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