Fix 50 Phase Two Construction Begins

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Driving is all about shifting – but the new shift facing folks behind the wheel in the Fix 50 construction zone through downtown Sacramento will require some coping skills not defensive driving ones.

“That will be a challenge,” Bob Cacic said after FOX40 crews explained to him which major highway connectors would be closing.

Starting at 9 p.m. Thursday, and lasting for about two weeks, eastbound access from Highway 50 to the Cap City Freeway and southbound to Highway 99 won’t be anything like normal.

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“We’re shifting from work on the interior lanes.. to the exterior ones. There will be three lanes available,” said Rod Murphy, Caltrans WX Freeway Project Manager.

The WX freeway is the focus of the FIX50 project, where  Interstates 80, 99 and Highway 50 run together between W and X streets in Sacramento.

The shift means street routes already congested by detouring drivers are about to get a double whammy.

“It’s hectic, very hectic,” driver Edward Willis said.

“I got caught yesterday and it took me an hour – what usually takes me half an hour. I was not very happy,” driver Aisha Jones said.

With ramps to 80 and 99 blocked to eastbound traffic how can you get around?

Cal Trans is suggesting eastbound drivers trying to get to south Sacramento on 99 or Arden on Business 80 keep straight on 50 and  loop around to make those connections via Hornet Drive and then westbound 50.

All of the shift changes are happening five days ahead of schedule because the construction work is going so smoothly.

Drivers are longing for their smooth ride as they await all construction efforts moving  to the westbound WX freeway before the Fix 50 project is complete.

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Yolobus is offering discounted train tickets

RT is providing more train cars and more trains during the Fix50 construction

Cyclists can find Sacramento-area bike-friendly maps here

Video: Alternate Ways Around Fix50 Construction


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