People Gather for Sarah Douglas Vigil, Fleming still At Large

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


More than 100 people gathered for a vigil for 26-year-old Sarah Douglas.

Pictures of Sarah, flowers, and even an angel in front of the home on Fox River Way, near Calvine Boulevard.

Her sister, Stephanie Douglas was there. Understandably, still heartbroken she’s the one that found Sarah stabbed with a sheet wrapped around her head just 24 hours ago.

Sacramento County sheriffs are looking for the prime suspect the 55-year-old fiancé CalFire Battalion Chief Orville Fleming.

“They were going to get married this month, when the divorce was final,” said Sarah’s stepfather Willie Burkett.

Family members tell FOX40 the 26-year-old wanted out of the relationship.

There was a confrontation that ensued sometime late Wednesday evening. Sarah Douglas was on the phone with her sister Stephanie, she heard a scream and the phone went dead. “I think it was premeditated, he left the house dark and he ambushed her,” said the victim’s aunt, Trina Werly.

“She said you shocked me, the phone died. The sister didn’t think anything of it because they had previous arguments before. she sent several texts saying I’m going to call police,” said the victim’s aunt Trina Werly.

By the time police arrived on the scene it was too late, Sarah was gone. Orville Fleming’s state issued work truck was recovered 2 miles away from the crime scene Thursday evening. People living in that Elk Grove neighborhood said they’ve seen the CalFire truck parked there before.

Once Sacramento County investigators opened the doors, they found evidence linking Fleming to murder scene.

“He needs to turn himself in,” said Werly.

Detectives do believe Fleming is wounded, they also say he has guns in his possession and may be suicidal.

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