Folsom Businesses Prepare for Amgen Bike Race

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


While staff of the Amgen Tour of California are preparing in Folsom by building stands and stages Sunday night, workers at Snooks Chocolate Factory are preparing for the big race by making candy.

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Snooks believes the money lies with the spectators and on a hot day nothing cools like their ice cream.

“With the Candy and hopefully the hot weather, this place is going to be pretty packed,” said Eric Snook, a 3rd generation candy maker.

The store is stock piling chocolate, brittle, and other snacks, expecting to sell most of it.

“Being right here on the corner, we attract a lot of families and a lot of people that are just having a good time,” Snook said.

Just up the Sutter Street At The Cellar wine bar, they’re opting for a healthier menu.

“We’re going to do something off the menu, do kind of a little veggie spinach wrap with turkey and cranberry in there,” said Joe Kuka, Executive Chef at The Cellar Wine Bar.

Typically on a Monday, the wine tasting room would be closed, but Kuka said his establishment is staying open for the crowds.

“We’ve had anywhere from about 10 to 12 thousand people in the streets all day,” Kuka said.

While restaurants up and down Sutter Street and all around the bike route hope to reap the benefits of the crowds for the day, their end goal is to get the people back throughout the year.

Kuka added, “Get to know a lot of new faces into the business to see what we have to offer… A lot of out of towners, so it just provides an opportunity for the entire street all the businesses to get to know some new customers.”

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