School Bullying Leads to Restraining Order

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A case of online bullying in Lodi has led to a restraining order being filed.

“It escalated to them saying they’re going to physically hurt me,” Danielle Zapata, a 14-year-old freshman at Lodi High School, said Wednesday.

The 14-year-old and her mother says the cyber bulling has lasted for a month. It all started because Danielle’s boyfriend attends Lodi High and and so does his ex-girlfriend.

The ex-girlfriend allegedly hopped on Twitter, along with her cousin who’s a junior at the school, and started to attack Danielle.

Cyber bullying that’s lasted for one month so bad Danielle Zapata’s mom Michelle said she had enough of her daughter being verbally assaulted on Twitter.

“I feel like she’s just not safe there at all,” Michelle Zapata said. She tried talking with the principal but says she got no help.

Mom and daughter told FOX40 the bullies were taken to the office, but nothing was done. They got back on twitter and poked fun with another tweet.

The tweet said, “I did not get suspended, you’re ridiculous.”

The tweets talked about harming Danielle and sending her to the hospital, her mom Michelle went before the school board this week.

Lodi Unified School District told FOX40 the school took proper action against the girls who were on twitter making threats, according to their anti-bullying policies. They say the allegations have not been substantiated.

Fed up, Michelle filed two restraining orders against the minors, both of them were granted by a judge in San Joaquin County.

“These would rise to the area of harassment a judge will  issue a [temporary restraining order],” attorney Justin Ward said. “Unless the two minors could prove the tweets weren’t from them, a judge would probably issue a civil restraining order, which the school would have to implement. It could mean the girls would be expelled from the school and the order could last five years.”

It’s not the first time FOX 40 has seen the judge grant a restraining order against a minor. In Fairfield, there was one placed on a 9-year-old boy and, according to Ward, there is no age minimum according to law for a restraining order.

“Under the age of 12 they can have a guardian help them with applying for a restraining order,” he said.

It means as bullying becomes a greater problem, restraining orders at school could become more common.

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