Two Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in Two Days

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


There were two fatal motorcycle accidents in just as many days. The most recent happened on Sunday afternoon, on Watt Avenue and Blackfoot Avenue.

“Definitely speed played a factor in this one,” said CHP Officer Chad Herrzell.

There are no skid marks just before the spot where the driver of a Honda motorcycle slammed into a tree in the center divide. The motorcyclist had a passenger with him, and she was badly hurt in the accident too. Herrzell added, “Both were ejected, he hit the tree, and he was killed on impact.”

Josiah Coleman was the witness who called 9-1-1. He said, “She was very far from the bike, and the other guy was right next to the bike, but his helmet was across the street. She was breathing and moaning.”

She was breathing and moaning, and was in critical condition.

Marcelino Felipe witnessed the aftermath, and he was just considering buying a motorcycle last week.

“It definitely changes my perspective on motorcycles, thinking about it,” said Felipe. His older sister added that she will not let him buy one.

The crash on Saturday left another motorcyclist dead at the scene. That accident occurred off of Fair Oaks Blvd, after the biker hit a car that was pulling out of a driveway. Witnesses said the biker was racing another motorcyclist.

CHP explained the biker hit the driver’s side door head-on, and was killed upon impact.

With weather warming up, many motorcyclists will be pulling their bikes out of their garages in order to enjoy the nice weather, so CHP is warning other drivers about the change in driving conditions.

After discussing both fatal accidents, Officer Herrzell concluded “If you wanna drive fast, you run the risk of people not seeing you, pulling out in front of you, and you die at upon impact. There is no room for error out here.”

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