Attempted Sexual Assault in Woodland

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


It’s a road he walks along almost every day, but now Urljulio Orejo is among those looking at Woodland’s East Gum street differently now.

“I never expect anything like that to happen. It’s pretty weird,” he said. “It is in our backyard…right behind our house, and to just find out. You would have thought the police would have told us at least in this neighborhood,” said Justine Carranza.

That shock he talks about is what police say was an attempted rape of a 15-year-old girl in some bushes near East Gum and Kate Lane Thursday morning.

She said the man who grabbed her from behind was  a Hispanic man with a thick mustache, someone she’d never seen before.

“She was able to fight her way free and then run to safety,” said Woodland police Lieutenant Anthony Cucchi.

Luckily, she wasn’t hurt as she struggled out of the man’s grasp. She also had the presence of mind to take a mental picture of her attacker, and she was able to give it to police.

“He was wearing an Oakland A’s hat and a red hooded sweatshirt and jeans that had paint on them…dried paint and black boots,” said Cucchi.

“I just got the shakes thinking about it cuz we have our son who’s 10 and our grand kids who run and play back here,” said Carranza.

It’s a scary situation that has homeowners near East Gum keeping their eyes and ears open wider.

“I’ll pay attention to to when that dog goes barking like crazy and stuff.. There’s times we tell him to be quiet. that won’t happen no more,” said Carranza.

The teen was able to tell officers the man she ran from was stocky, in his mid-thirties, with brown, slicked-back medium length hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information related to this crime, you’re asked to call Woodland police at (530) 661-7800.

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