Boys Help Alert Neighborhood to Grass Fire

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Neighbors sprang into action Friday evening as a grass fire burned at least four acres of dry brush near Ruhkala Park in Rocklin.

“It got pretty big when it came up here, ” Nicholas Martin said.

“Yeah, it probably got to about 6 feet in the air,” added Hunter Retz.

The boys were playing nearby when the fire started. When they noticed the flames, they reached for their cellphones to take video. Their first instincts, however, were to alert their neighbors.

Firefighters worked for several hours to mop up hotspots as wind spread the flames.

“Yeah when I was evacuating some people here, I came back here and took the video. The fire was right here. I thought, you know that could reach the houses. And plus there’s my friend over here that lives right here so I was like i need to get him out of the house,” said Martin.

“We went and knocked on a bunch of doors and told them that there was a fire out and they might want to evacuate their homes,” said Retz.

Neighbor, Dalgit Bains, got one of those knocks on his door.

“A young man knocked on the door. We were watching the game. We ran out and we were very alarmed because  at first it looked like it was in the backyard of our neighbors,” said Bain.

Dalgit’s young son, Arjun Bains was also alarmed.

“Because it was so close to my house,” said Arjun.

Arjun showed FOX40 how close the flames came to nearby homes. A row of new construction lined the field the fired burned in. Flames reached up and melted plastic tarp onto the asphalt.

“Looks like it came off. Yeah they’re probably gonna have to build another one,” said Arjun.

Firefighters did not confirm the cause of the fire. Residents said they believed warm and windy conditions may have contributed to the fire.

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