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Texas’ Governor Perry Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism

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Perry Campaigns in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Texas Governor Rick Perry in 2012, who briefly emerged as a contender for the Republican party’s presidential nominee.
Courtesy: CNN


Texas Governor Rick Perry is in Northern California this week on a business trip. Reportedly meeting with business leaders, including Tesla Motors, to have them consider moving to his state.

But comments he reportedly made in San Francisco Wednesday night are getting the most online reaction.

Governor Perry spoke at a meeting of the Commonwealth Club of California Wednesday, at an event hosted by Climate One. He spoke about his opinions on California’s tax-and-regulatory policies, but then fired off his thoughts on other issues, including homosexuality.

During a question-and-answer session, Governor Perry was asked whether he thought homosexuality can be changed by prayer or counseling. He was pressed, “is it a disorder?”

According to the San Francisco Business Times, Perry responded “People have choices in life. Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle, you have the ability to decide not to do that.”

He continued, “I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that. I look at the homosexual issue the same way,” Perry said.

Below is a short interview with Governor Perry outside a Sacramento hotel earlier this week where he talks about his trip to Northern California.

In 2012 Governor Perry made a similar trip to California

Texas Ad Hits California Airwaves, Will Business Leave?

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