Twins Born 39 Days Apart

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Kansas City, MO (KCTV)-

Two tiny little boys thriving in the Kansas City area are twins, but their birthdays are more than a month apart.

A pair of twins in Boston made national headlines this week after they were born 24 days apart. But Carl and David Cowan in Missouri has them beat.

Carl and David were born 39 days apart. And after some incredibly tough moments, both are doing surprisingly well.

David Cowan is an emergency room doctor in Saudi Arabia. He and his pregnant wife, Elene, flew back to the Kansas City area to wait for Elene to give birth. Elene Cowan was just 23 weeks pregnant.

Twins born 39 days apart

Twins Carl and David Cowan were born 39 days apart. Carl was delivered early at 24 weeks, weighing barely over a pound.
Courtesy: KCTV

Within hours of their plane landing, they were at Research Medical Center. Doctors told them that the amniotic sac holding baby Carl was bulging and that she was in labor.

Doctors fought to stop the labor pains but were unsuccessful. So at 24 weeks and one day, Elene delivered Carl.

“It’s the hardest thing in my life that I’ve ever done,” Elene Cowan said.

The baby weighed barely over a pound.

“I thought that he would die and this really isn’t a baby,” Elene Cowan recalled. “There’s no way he’s going to make it.”

He was so tiny that the slender woman was able to slide her wedding ring onto his wrist.

After Carl’s birth, doctors literally tied his mother’s cervix shut and put her on complete bed rest. She did everything for little David Jr. in her womb while Carl continued to gain a little bit of strength every day.

And 39 days after Carl made his debut, little David entered the world.

“David was 2.9 pounds and I thought, “Oh my word, this is a real baby,” his mother recalled.

It took almost four months for both boys to get home with their mother. Carl remains on oxygen, but the boys’ proud mother is enthralled and overwhelmed.

“I am so grateful to God and the prayers from everyone,” Elene Cowan said.

Her husband is back in Saudi Arabia on the job. His wife and two precious children will join him as soon as the boys are well enough to travel.

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