Family Loses Entire House in Fire, Woman Saves her Wedding Dress

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Heather Thornton wasn’t too worried about the first flames she saw Friday afternoon.

“We figured it was being contained and everything,” she said.

That was around 3:45pm.

She never dreamed that fire – seemingly far away by Interstate 680 in Solano County – could soon mean the difference between life and death for her.

But, that’s exactly what happened at 2117 Cordelia Road.

“Like 20 minutes passed…we go outside… it was crazy…ash everywhere. So my mom and I started packing some clothes…and then the fireman told my fiancé you need to get them out,” said Thornton.

“I had my wedding dress in my mom’s closet and I grabbed that since we accumulated a lot of wedding stuff over time….at least I have that,” the 24-year-old cried, looking back at the lot where her house used to stand.

A wedding dress saved as fire consumed her home, one other and five acres of land.

Twenty-three engine companies from at least seven different agencies fought to keep the situation from getting even worse on a wind-whipped afternoon.

“Receptive fuel bed…the dry grass. We’ve talked about the drought all year long and how we’re having conditions equal to October in June,” said Fairfield Fire Battalion Chief Bob Stoffel.

Investigators are still looking into what ignited all the damage, but for Heather and her fiancé Evan no answer will ever really be enough comfort.

Now Heather’s something old will be her dress and there may be many more borrowed things than she originally planned once she’s ready to think about walking down the aisle.

When asked if she would stick to her plan for an October ceremony, Heather cried, “I hope so….it’s kind of sad.”

The home at 2117 Cordelia Road is the first one she and her fiancé had shared together.

They were renting and did have insurance, so they do hope to be able to recoup some of their loss.

Trees and shrubs in the area were still smoldering some seven hours after the initial fire, so crews planned to be on scene through the night monitoring the situation.

Some power lines burned and have yet to be reconnected, so families have not yet been allowed into all of the 50 homes evacuated.

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