Hero Teen Honored by City Council

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A Fairfield teen was honored Tuesday by the City Council for helping his neighbors during a fire.

“I seen an old guy and then the old guy was like, ‘Help me. Just help me.’ So I picked him up, I took him out,” 14-year-old Latrell McCockran said back on July 14.

He didn’t think twice about rescuing a disabled man from a burning apartment on Grande Circle.

“The man’s hair had been singed by fire. Latrell carried the man out of the apartment and saved his life,” City Councilwoman Catherine Moy said during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Ten days after the fire, City Council honored Latrell, along with his younger brother, Latravion, who knocked on doors to get residents out to safety, even before firefighters arrived.

“They were two young men who risked their own lives,” Moy added.

Latrell also save the disabled man’s pet.

“Latrell just goes charging in and gets the dog and brings it out,” Moy said.

Latrell, who is asthmatic, ended up in the hospital later that night, on one of the city’s toughest streets for crime.

“You don’t know where heroes are going to come from. But apparently, they come from Grande Circle,” Fellow Councilman John Mraz said.

Council and community members, along with firefighters, gave the boys money, and gift certificates for Air Jordan sneakers, along with four Raiders tickets.

Latrell is simply trying to adjust to his newfound fame.

“A lot of people around, walking around the mall, having a lot of people ask me for my autograph. People have me sign the back of their shirts. It’s been crazy,” he said with a smile.

WATCH: Teenager Saves Disabled Man from Burning Apartment, Tells FOX40 How he Did it

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