Air Quality Drops after Fires Rip Across Region

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Kids at the FC Elk Grove Summer Soccer Camp keep their eyes glued to a soccer ball, while parents on sidelines are fixated on something else: their child’s health.

Karen Torres was nervous about the air quality. She considered keeping her kid home after all the fires this weekend.

“I had some concerns about the smoke in the air,” said Torres.

Karen’s daughter was fine, but she noticed others were struggling.

“Some people had trouble breathing,” said Christina Torres.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District forecasted that it would be unhealthy for sensitive groups.

That includes young children, the elderly and anyone with respiratory conditions, according to Dr. Myrza Perez, a pediatric pulmonologist with Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Perez says she expects to see an increase in patients in the next few days.

“With the fires and the heat and the lack of wind, all of these things came together and increased the particle matter in the ground,” said Dr. Perez.

She says parents and coaches should especially keep a close eye on kids with respiratory problems.

Rich Moorhouse says the FC Elk Grove Summer Soccer Camp coaches keep a close eye on all the kids.

“We always make sure our players are breathing and healthy – if they look like they’re struggling breathing then we stop – we take a good look at them and make sure they can keep training,” said Moorhouse.

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