VIDEO: Meet “The Badass Breastfeeder”

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Breastfeeding in public and attachment parenting; both topics that can turn a conversation political as people take sides.

A mother in Chicago says she became frustrated after after her first child three years ago by the amount of information, and misinformation, she was given and read about breastfeeding, formula, and feeding her kids in public.

She took her thoughts and started the blog, “The Badass Breastfeeder”.

the badass breastfeeder, chicago, mom

“The Badass Breastfeeder”, Abby Theuring.

“You don’t have to feel weird about breastfeeding,” she told WGN. She proudly posts photos showing her breastfeeding her three-year-old and three-week-old, sometimes at the same time.

She now has a loyal online following, and tours the country with mom conferences encouraging women to feel more comfortable about the natural behavior of breastfeeding a child, when they need to be fed.

“Empowering women is not about telling them what to do. Empowering women is helping women to decide what is truly right for them and their family,” Theuring said.

If you’d like to join the conversation with Abby, you can get in touch with her at: or on her Facebook page: 

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