Rescuing Dog Stranded in Delta Harder than it Looks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A stranded tan Chihuahua mix was first spotted by a resident as early as two months ago, on a small island in the 14 Mile Slough.

It was heard barking just two days ago.

Donald Wesley came from his home in Fair Oaks more than once to try to rescue the dog. On Wednesday, used a raft to get to the island and set a trap.

“It has pad on it. If you step on the pad, the gate shuts on it,” Wesley said. “I saw his prints earlier today over there. I was here two days ago and went across and realized what we’re gonna need.”

So far, every attempt to rescue this dog has failed.

Rescuers have to contend with getting around broken branches, moss-covered boulders and knee-deep mud holes.

“There’s tunnels, small tunnels, going on that I think beavers probably created. That’s where the dog’s been moving around,” Wesley said.

He answered the call to fellow animal lovers, from the woman who first spotted the dog. She’s worried because of how much weight it has lost since she first spotted it.

“I was hoping to see this dog come out with the cage. That’s the thing. That’s the main goal is to get this dog,” Wesley’s friend, Jason Robinson said.

The San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department will head up a rescue operation with many volunteers, which can happen as early as Thursday.

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