Driver O.K. after Fiery Big Rig Crash in Fairfield

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A big rig swerved off I-80 in Fairfield, crashed into a ditch and started a brush fire behind a shopping center Monday afternoon.

“One of our customers saw smoke through the back door and he just left immediately,” Nathan Coash said.

Coash is a shift manager at the Five Guys restaurant along I-80. He said he evacuated customers from the restaurant.

“We smelled smoke and then we looked outside and there was a huge, gaping fire. Smoke covered this whole area. Then I could hear the tires exploding. It was really loud, you could feel the impact to yourself,” said Coash.

The big rig landed outside a chain link fence that separates the shopping center from the freeway. Other retail stores, including a go kart business, had to to put their customers on hold while the smoke cleared.

The driver of the big rig was Luis Gramajo. Gramajo was transporting several 1 ton aluminum coils when he crashed.

“I was driving and traffic just stopped. I just didn’t want to run anyone over so I pulled to the side,” said Gramajo.

When Gramajo pulled to the side, his big rig rolled into a ditch, crashed into a tree, and caught fire. Most of the vehicle was burnt beyond recognition.

“I just saw a hole on the right door and that’s where I jumped,” said Gramajo.

Gramajo waiting for his family in the back of a highway patrol car. He told FOX40 he only suffered a cut to his forehead and scrapes to his arm.

Fairfield Fire Department said the brush fire was contained to 75 yards.

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