Sheriff’s Department: 1 Deputy Killed, 1 Injured in Rancho Cordova

‘Gold is the new Green’

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gold is the new black


Drive the freeways of California in the summer and it becomes obvious the state’s official nickname, “the Golden state”, isn’t just about precious metal that spurred a mass migration in the 1850’s.

In 2014, the only gold in them there hills is the dry grass that blankets the landscape.

It’s a sure sign of summer for most of California’s Sacramento and Central Valleys, and Sacramento residents could be seeing a lot more of it.

The latest in a series of catchy ad campaigns to encourage folks to reduce landscape watering attempts to coin the phrase “Gold is the new Green”; referring to the natural luster of dry grass in summer.

A color found, in wetter years, only in nature and unkempt lawns.

Time for a paradigm shift, says Jim Combs director of Parks and Recreation, toward acceptance of lawns that are a bit less lush;

“With watering limited to two days a week in the peak of summer, the grass is not dying, but it is stressed… Gold grass should green up again with cooler temperatures and, hopefully, rain in the fall. But for now, we want to keep imploring everyone to do their part ­– even if it’s not pretty.”

Neighbors in Sacramento have been asked to limit outdoor watering to twice weekly.

For more tips on water prevention, check out

Collin Poseley contributed to this report.

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