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MJ and KJ: NBA Icon Michael Jordan Stars at St. Hope Fundraiser

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NBA legend Michael Jordan speaking with Mayor Kevin Johnson at a St Hope event. July 2014


Sunday night in Sacramento saw a million-dollar fundraiser for St. Hope, the foundation established by Mayor Kevin Johnson when he was an NBA player that primarily seeks to serve youth in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood.

This marks the 25th year since the foundation’s creation. It has grown to bank-roll a handful of charter schools and other programs.

For the 25th anniversary gala, Mayor Johnson pulled-out all the stops and convinced NBA-great Michael Jordan to pay a visit. KJ had two overstuffed chairs brought out on stage, and interviewed Jordan, Barbara-Walters-style.

Topics ranged from LeBron James, to the Sacramento Kings, to Jordan’s own life.

This video above is a supercut of highlights from that conversation.

For what it’s worth, Jordan is the only former NBA player to ever have majority ownership in an NBA team, namely the Charlotte Hornets. As an owner, Jordan had a vote in decision as to whether the Sacramento Kings would stay in Sacramento or be relocated to Seattle. The outcome was 22-8 by secret ballot. Jordan  disclosed in the conversation Sunday that he voted to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

The same night this conversation was recorded, the Charlotte Hornets and the Sacramento Kings played each other in the NBA summer league in Las Vegas. The Kings won, 72-65.

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