El Dorado Hills Residents Tired of Trashed “Party Home”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Beer cans, broken glass, graffiti. Neighbors in El Dorado Hills are fed up with one of the trashed homes on their street.

“There’s debris everywhere, there’s trash everywhere, there are holes in the wall. It is disgusting. At this point, it’s not even fit to live in,” said resident Michele Smith.

Residents say no one has lived in the Sonora Drive home since it was built 20 years ago.

“The owners are pretty much MIA,” said Smith.

Absent owners, but the house attracts plenty of visitors.

“Basically someone in the high school finds out, they bring alcohol over, they bring drugs. I live right around the corner. I hear loud cars, and music blaring at 2 in the morning, 3 in the morning,” said Smith.

Neighbors complained about the vandalism and parties to El Dorado County. The county stepped in and reached out to the property owners.

“The owners hired a contractor. They’ve gone out, the unsafe decking has been removed, so that decking is no longer in the house and the doors have been secured,” said Chief Budget Officer Laura Schwarz.

County officials checked the home and they say it’s safe.

Neighbors disagree.

They fear boarding up the door will only bring more problems.

“Honestly if that’s a solution, this is just going to promote more vandalism,” said Smith.

Neighbors believe at least three people own the home and they either live abroad or in Southern California.

We tried reaching out to them, but didn’t hear back.

The county tells us its hands are tied, claiming it has done everything it can.

“The county can only do what our ordinance allows and at this point that’s as far as we can take it…It’s still owned, they’re still paying their taxes,” said Schwartz.

Neighbors do have the option of taking the owners to civil court.

One neighbor is currently trying to take matters into her own hands; she told us she’s willing to buy the home. She just hasn’t been able to get in touch with all the owners.

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