Stockton Group Knocks on Doors to Help Solve City’s Problems

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Stockton Councilmember Michael Tubbs recently launched the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition to find solutions to the city’s problems.

“Crime and tragedy is nothing new in Stockton,” said Tubbs.

On Saturday, the group’s volunteers went door to door asking residents about changes they’d like to see in the community.

In just a few hours, about 150 volunteers walked up and down the streets and knocked on about 1,500 doors, said Tubbs.

One of the doors they knocked on belongs to Corinna Morales.

Every day, Morales fears for her child’s safety.

“I don’t let my daughter play in the front. I hardly let her play in my backyard,” said Morales.

She says she’s worried about what happens right outside her south Stockton home.

“I hear a lot of shootings. My cousin was killed down the street,” said Morales.

Volunteer Sonia Paredes gave up her Saturday to meet people like Morales because she wants the city to be a better place to raise her children.

“I want them to grow up and see a better place here in Stockton,” said Paredes.

Morales told volunteers she wants more police presence

“I see a lot of bike patrol, police officers downtown. I would like to see them throughout the whole community,” said Morales.

Later this year, Councilmember Tubbs hopes to present some of the concerns from the community to the city. He hopes real change can come to Stockton soon.

“It’s not hopeless. It’s not desolate. We have a lot of challenges for sure. But door by door, knock by knock, with a real strategy in mind, we can make a difference,” said Tubbs.

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