Suspect Car Identified in String of Home Burglaries

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


What do you do when your house becomes the scene of a hold-up?

“I pushed him in the way of the guy with the gun and then ran out the door,” Larry Fingers said.

Manhandling robbers. Larry Fingers opted for a bold move Sunday to get away from the three men who invaded his home of 13 years.

“Just my underwear on, ran across the street to my neighbor’s house,” he said.

He tore his Achilles’ tendon in the process, but escaped alive from the kind of frightening situation that a string of Antelope homeowners have had to face in the last few weeks.

Fingers first spotted three black men in front of his home near Firestone around 10 a.m. Sunday when they knocked at his door.

He didn’t answer because he wasn’t dressed.

Suddenly he saw a light on in his bedroom and then he saw the men inside.

“He was threatening me…to shoot me,” Fingers said.

The robbers wanted money, and when he couldn’t provide it, they took his cell phone and state-issued laptop.

Fingers believes they hopped his locked fence, using his garbage cans as a step and then forced open a new screw-lock on a partially-closed patio door.

Neighbors in the area with surveillance cameras captured several images of the get-away car, a tan or gold colored four-door sedan, possibly a Buick or a Lincoln.

A mother of  three was walking across Firestone Way Sunday when that sedan sped by.

She can’t believe what’s been happening in Antelope.

“My mom…my sisters… we know everybody. We were first the first owners so it never felt like you have to be careful to go outside,” Larisa Stephanova told FOX40.

Now with armed robbers coming into the neighborhood and neighbors forced to defend themselves, she has a different message for her kids at playtime.

“If you see someone you don’t know…usually we know everybody in the court who comes in…so just be careful… go inside.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is investigating, but no arrests have been made.

They’re also trying to determine if a Monday burglary at Antelope Pharmacy, less than 24-hours after the incident at Larry Fingers’ home, might be the work of the same thieves.

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