Vandalism or Pushy Water Conservationists?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The drought has parts of California looking like it’s the wild west, and in one Sacramento neighborhood people are acting like it is.

Terrance Davis, the Sustainability Manager at the Sacramento Department of Utilities, said they’ve heard about ‘Water Vigilantes’ who are regular people taking water conservation to the extreme.

“We’re starting to hear about some things anecdotally,” he said, “Where folks are getting more aggressive and we want to discourage that.”

It happened at an East Sacramento home; where a black grate is all that’s left of a fountain that used re-circulating water.

The owner removed the fountain after suspected water vigilantes repeatedly knocked it over; taking away a serene spot for birds to drink from and changing a carefully crafted landscape. While a water wasting investigation hasn’t been done on the property Davis pointed out, “Recirculating fountains are not a violation of our water ordinance. However we have encouraged folks who are using fountains to turn those fountains off, but in this instance it doesn’t sound like a violation.”

From the looks of the browning front lawn, the owner is following the other water restrictions.

However, if anyone does suspect a possible water violation, don’t become a vigilante. “Call 311,” said Davis, “That’s our customer contact center. There (the call will) be dispatched to our staff and we’ll go out to investigate to determine if there is water waste. If there is, we’ll issue a notice of violation or do some education with the customer.”

Davis also asks residents to stick to the watering schedule. To find out what days and when to water just call 311 or log on to the 311 website

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