Daily Routine Fights Peanut Allergy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Meet 9-year-old Michael Lee. One of his daily routines is playing his guitar, and his other daily routine is eating peanuts.

“I wake up, I take the peanuts, she observes me for an hour. Do the same thing at night,” said Michael.

It seems strange, especially when you consider that Michael has a peanut allergy, but this daily routine is helping him get over it.

“I don’t usually like peanuts,” he said before munching through a small handful of them.

The treatment was developed by allergists at Mercy Medical Group. Starting with peanut powder, they gradually introduced the food to Michael’s diet. Now he’s up to six peanuts at a time.

Eating 12 peanuts a day does not seem like much, but it really is incredible considering where he was at age 4, when peanuts would cover his body in hives and the allergy continued to get worse.

Even though his family did their best to avoid peanuts, they just kept sneaking into his diet. “Salad dressing laced with peanuts that had micro-grams sent him to the emergency room,” said the boy’s mother.

Michael started the treatment in February and still has a ways to go. While it has been a process, it has given the family peace of mind.

The only setback, according to Michael is that he’s tired of eating peanuts. Since he does not have to worry about any sudden allergic reactions though, he can focus on what really matters to him — his guitar.

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